Winter and Your Skin

Why does your skin change with the seasons? And especially with these bitter cold temperatures. Let’s look at why your skin dries out when winter comes.

There are several factors to why your skin changes and get’s dry during the winter time.

  1. Indoor heat: We all want to turn the heat up or more wood on the fireplace, but this lowers the humidity levels and makes it drier in the house. Adding a humidifier when it’s so dry out, will help and also making sure to use a good natural moisturizer.
  2. Humidity: Most of the time, especially in the summer, the humidity levels are higher but in winter, they can drop and cause your skin to lose the moisture it needs.
  3. Hot Showers: We all love them, or sitting in the hot tub after a day skiing or outdoor fun. We use soap which also strips your skin of the moisture it needs. And this will cause the skin to become red, dry, itchy and irritated.

How to Fix winter skin problems

Using a humidifier in the home during the winter months will help your skin. Set it at 50-60% humidity level. This will help your skin retain some moisture.

Don’t take HOT showers, take showers that the water is warm, not hot.

Don’t wear itchy clothes. Wearing layers not wool, itchy sweaters is better.

Using a moisturizing shower gel

And applying a moisturizer after your shower and after washing your hands, will help retain the moisture that your skin needs during the winter months.

Have a good Skincare Regime

By following the tips above and making sure you have a good skincare regime, year round, you’ll find that it’s more manageable as the seasons change.

Winter can be brutal if you’re not ready for it (your skin) but if you start by knowing your skin, using an all natural product that doesn’t have chemicals and artificial preservatives, you’ll find that you use less and your skin absorbs and will hydrate much easier.

Love the skin you’re in!