The fall season is upon us! While fall represents a time of all things pumpkin spice, colorful leaves, sweater weather, and transformation, it’s also time to start thinking about fall skin care, and seasonal tips for healthy habits and hydration in preparation for the weather ahead.

One of the most important skin care tricks we cannot stress enough is hydration! This year-round skin care tip counts both internally and externally. Especially for people living in dry climates we recommend ensuring your body is hydrated from the inside by drinking enough water throughout the day.

It’s usually around the fall time we start to notice the damage the sun has caused on our skin. If you didn’t protect your skin from the sun this summer, you might see dark spots, added creases and wrinkles. Your skin might have a duller complexion as well.

I recommend using Magic Macha Mask to bring back the brightness in your skin. Followed by Daily Moisturizer which is loaded with vitamins and skin loving oils (great for all skin types).

And with the drier weather, I recommend a humidifier to help boost the hydration in your home.