For many people the cold crisp air brings more then just a rosy glow to their cheeks. It brings dry, rough cracked skin and for some, eczema (the skin becomes inflamed).

When the heat goes on in the house, your skin will begin to dry out. And it doesn't matter if it's electric, wood or pellet, the skin will get dry.

My tips are:

Moisturize more and keep your skin hydrated. A rich moisturizer with an oil and hyaluronic acid will keep the water in your skin and more supple. It's important to not only moisturize your face but your body, too.

A humidifier in the home can help as well. Keeping the air moist in your home helps keep your skin moist, too. And although you probably don't think about sunscreen, now more then ever, don't forget your sunscreen. Especially if you love doing outside winter sports. The sun reflecting off the snow can do a lot of damage to your skin. A sunscreen with a 15SPF (or higher) is recommended if you love being outside.

And let's not forget to exfoliate your skin at least once a week. This helps sluff off your dead skin, allowing the new skin to shine. This also helps keep blemishes away. Find a good exfoliant that not only cleanse but moisturizes as well.

Let's not forget your hands, especially since we've been washing them more and using hand sanitizer more. This can leave your hand dry and cracking. If you use my foaming hand soap and sanitizer, which is loaded with rich skin loving oils, then you'll find that your hands will not dry out. But still using a good lotion for your hands because the skin on your hands is thinner and more prone to drying out.

And as always, hydrate for your health, which means drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated

Your feet need extra love, too. I love to use my Ultra moisturizer at night on my feet then put socks on to help hold in the moisture. I wake up with soft feet and don't hear them scratching the sheets.

And although a nice hot bath or shower always feels great on those cold winter day's, avoid them and instead use a nice warm temperature because the hot water will actually breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin, which can lead to a loss of moisture. If you love a bath, then using a bath bomb which has baking soda in it should help to relieve your dry skin. And for those shower lovers a nice shower lotion bar will help you to moisturize before getting out of the shower. This is what I do as I'm always rushing and will forget to put on my lotion after i shower. So, I created a lotion bar so I won't forget.