Since creating more and more hair products, I also want to give some tips on keeping your hair healthy and have less breakage and loss of hair.

If you're going to be outside, protect your hair with a hat, scarf, umbrella. The UV rays from the sun can also be damaging to your hair as can wind.

After your shower, be careful dealing with your wet hair. It is more susceptible to breakage if you to to brush it. Use a comb and start at the bottom. Using a leave in conditioner is also helpful. (I will be releasing one in a few weeks).

And no matter the length of your hair, always use conditioner as this helps protect the hair shaft. Massage the conditioner in to help open up your follicles and help protect your hair.

Using a shampoo and conditioner from the same line is best. It shows better results when you use a single line instead of two individual products.

Avoid using super tight hair ties. Instead, opt for scrunchies with cloth around them. Tight hair ties tend to pull your hair back real tight, which increases friction and can cause breakage. And if you braid your hair at night, avoid braiding too tightly.

Pat your hair dry. Do not rub vigorously with a towel. You might dry your hair faster, but the amount of hair that breaks and falls away also doubles up.

Hair masks are also good to use (again, I'll be coming out with one soon).

And although not many still do this, avoid teasing your hair. Even if it creates a lot of volume, it ruins the hair texture.

And when washing your hair, it is a good idea to wash twice and to rinse with a cooler water as this helps seal your hair follicles and keeps the moisture in.